KCEO: Speaking, Construction, and Turkeys!

Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank: Ross Magnuson
Ross Magnuson, President of Heritage Bank, discussed the banking industry with our students.  The conversation hit everything from credit and identity theft to government regulation.  Thank you Ross for welcoming us to the Willmar branch!

Presentation Skills

CDS: Jean Geselius
Jean Geselius, Director of Marketing at CDS, helped our class learn how to give an effective presentation.  The information was immediately applicable and she modeled successful presentation techniques very well.  Thank you Jean for helping our students with a very important skill.

Public Speaking

Jerrid Sebesta
Jerrid Sebesta, Speaker and Financial Coach at Taatjes Financial Group, joined our class for two days this week to work on public speaking.  He shared information about tone, speed, pauses, hand gestures, and many other things that have turned our students into learners.  Now they will notice mistakes made by others and it will help them hone their own public speaking skills.  The students did not enjoy watching themselves, but it was essential to show them what they are doing.  These two days are always a blast.  Thank you Jerrid!

Lange Ag

Lyle and Ryan Lange
Lyle Lange and his son Ryan welcomed our class to Lange Ag this week.  They shared Lange Ag's story and that it became successful because of how the employees treat people.  By doing things the right way and continuing to invest in the business you can make people's lives better.  Thank you to the entire Lange family for making us feel welcome every year.

TerWisscha Construction

Kelly TerWisscha
Kelly and Sheri TerWisscha made our class feel especially welcome at TWC this week.  There was homemade egg doesn't get better than that!  Kelly shared TWC's story and his focus on learning.  TWC set out to conquer niche construction markets and wound up becoming a full service consulting and construction company.  They are now the #1 pet care construction company in the nation.  By focusing on future trends and preparing for them, Kelly and the TWC team have built a reputation that now brings business to them.  


Loren Corle: Adding Value
Loren Corle, founder of RELCO, discussed the concept of value with our students this week.  He ran a lesson that would make any high school teacher jealous.  By creating an in-class desert island economy with scarcity and currency, Loren helped our students understand how businesses create value in society.  This is a crucial day each year for KCEO students as they start to understand what makes businesses and people truly successful.  If you seek to add value to people's lives, you will be successful regardless of your definition of the word.  Thank you Loren!

Jennie-O Turkey Store

Pat Soheid, Robin Kopel
Pat Solheid, VP of HR and Administration, welcomed our class to the JOTS HQ this week.  Our students got the chance to learn the story of the large Willmar company and discover all of the career opportunities that JOTS has to offer.  From marketing and coding to live animal care, there is something for everyone at Jennie-O Turkey Store.  In addition, our class took a tour of the R&D Test Kitchens, and yes, we got to sample some 'not-yet-released' JOTS products!  This is always a phenomenol visit for our class.  Thank you Pat, Robin Kopel, and Glen Leitch for making today possible.

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