KCEO: Fashion, Networking and Manufacturing

King Bros. Clothier

Danny and Kenny King
Danny and Kenny King, founders of King Bros. Clothier and former WHS grads, visited our class to share their entrepreneurial story.  The twin brothers had always been passionate about using fashion to individualize themselves...from eachother.  Eventually they decided to abandon their typical careers to start a custom suit business together.  They now work with hundreds of clients in the Twin Cities including several professional athletes.  Thank you for making time for our class, they really enjoyed it!

Marcus Construction

Ross Marcus, Sara Goebel
Our students had the chance to meet some of the Marcus Construction team and hear about the company's history.  We learned that determining your core values and then acting in accordance with them is how you can achieve long term success.


David Laursen & Kim Benjamin
KCEO visit the Aqua-Therm team and learned that success can be acheived using many different paths.  David Laursen discussed the corporate life and his decision to become a small business owner.  Kim Benjamin explained how hard work and detailed record keeping contribute to sustained success.

Oasis Aero

Eric Rudningen & Paul Beck
Eric Rudningen and Paul Beck welcomed our students to the Willmar Municipal Airport to share their entrepreneurial story.  Oasis Aero was formed by two very different people.  Eric is outgoing and enjoys speaking in front of groups.  Paul is highly skilled at servicing planes and mostly enjoys working in small groups.  In eachother they recognized their complements and they now form quite the team.  Servicing Moonie aircraft from around the world they have built a strong and sustainable business.  This is always a very enjoyable visit.

Jewelry and Fashion Design

Erin Marcus
Erin Marcus joined KCEO today to talk about fashion design and share her entrepreneurial story.  Erin stressed work ethic and skill building as major keys to her success.  She worked in Michigan, where she went to school, before jumping head first into the fast paced fashion world of New York City.  She wisened up, of course, and made her way to Willmar where we were lucky to connect with her.

Heritage Bank Breakfast Group

Our class was invited to the Heritage Bank Breakfast Group last week to discuss anything and everything related to business and finance.  It is always a joy to connect the enthusiasm of our students with the experience of this group of entrepreneurial thinkers.  The food is always great too.


Loren Corle
Our class had the chance to tour RELCO last week with founder Loren Corle.  Not only is the manuafacturing floor remarkably in order, the organization itself is beautifully vertically aligned.  This tour is always a great eye opener for our students because they understand that if you focus on adding value you will eventually be successful.

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