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CEO was created by film maker and former teacher Craig Lindvahl.  


The KCEO class partners with local businesses to create a REAL WORLD EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE.

Eighteen to twenty-two  students  will be selected from a rigorous application process to participate in the YEAR LONG course.

Instead of students learning about ENTREPRENEURSHIP in a classroom setting, students will VISIT twenty to thirty local businesses throughout the year and have over fifty guest speakers.

There are no tests, homework, or assignments in a traditional sense.  Students will be creating their own businesses and presenting them to local banking investors and entrepreneurs via private meetings  and an annual TRADE SHOW.  Students will graduate from this class owning a business!

The Kandiyohi CEO program will be open to students from WPS, ACGC and NLS. 


This class runs ninety minutes a day from 7:15-8:45am every day of the week and students are responsible for their own transportation.

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